Introducing New Colleague Jinjing Zou

Lorenc+Yoo Design is proud to announce Jingjing Zou has joined the firm. Zou is based in Shanghai and in charge of Asia-Pacific marketing, also applying her architectural and experiential graphic design expertise. Prior to joining Lorenc+Yoo Design, Zou practiced architecture and urban design for 10 years.

Growing up in Nanjing, China, Zou earned bachelor’s degree at Southeast University, graduating first in her class in the Architecture department. Later in Tongji University (Shanghai) and Technische Universität (Berlin), she earned her master’s degrees in Urban Design and Städte Bau (another form of Urban Design).

Zou has experience designing complex urban fabrics to housing. Her works span throughout China with leading developers such as Poly, China Resource and Greentown.

Additionally, Jan Lorenc was recently a keynote speaker at the Gong Jiang Bei Sign conference. It is organized by Shenzhen signage committee, with over 400 attendees. In the spirit of craftsmanship, the conference honored design companies as well as fabricating companies for their work in the field. 

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