waterfront-Libya The beauty of Libya’s Mediterranean coast rivals that of Italy and Spain, presenting a business opportunity for hospitality and tourism business development. As part of promising growth in the aftermath of recent political turmoil, Lorenc+Yoo was hired to develop a comprehensive wayfinding-signage program for The Waterfront resort.The 100-acre Waterfront will be a dynamic, mixed-use community with a 300-room Hilton hotel, villas, apartments, and retail center. As always with a project of this scale, the challenge was to design a unified system for navigation via foot and by car.

Lorenc+Yoo was retained by Seoul-based Junglim Architects to develop a wayfinding strategy for the entire resort, a unified color palette for the entire campus, and a dramatic and clear gateway entry to signal its unique and luxury qualities. All of this within the design vernacular of Arabic-style architecture.

Wayfinding in the Middle East is a relatively new concept, with few streets having names. This presented an opportunity to import a brand-new wayfinding logic into what is expected to become an international oasis.

The Waterfront is being developed by Doha-based Qatari Diar. It is expected to be completed in 2015.

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