Lorenc+Yoo Design is working for our home city of Roswell to design the Roswell Cultural Arts Center marquee. “For a change, this is a project that is very close to home,” says Jan Lorenc. “Most of our work is at least 500 to 10,000 miles away, so it’s nice to be able to walk to a meeting.”

Lorenc+Yoo has recently completed signage systems for the Pokagon and Sycuan Casinos.

The firm has also completed a new signage system for the 999 Peachtree Garage for Cousins properties. With the deck’s expansion, the owner wanted an upgraded wayfinding system improve visitors’ orientation and navigation.

The next issue of Experiential Storytelling will feature our new signage design for John Portman’s Atlanta icon: the Hyatt Regency. Lorenc+Yoo created a brand new signage system that pays homage to the original design in a more beautiful, more functional way.

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