Jan Lorenc continues to be in high demand on the lecture circuit. This season, his appearances at professional and educational events covered topics including alternative sources for creative inspiration, opportunities for designers during economic downturns and holistic approaches to design.

At the Exhibitor 2009 conference at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Jan Lorenc answered the question: How can hotels inspire exhibit design?

If there is one thing modern boutique hotels hold in common, for example, it’s the idea that the presentation should be full of drama, loaded with a common theme and carried boldly and without hesitation throughout the space.

From reimaginations of traditional themes – like those of the old grand hotels – to minimalism and naturalism, there is plenty of inspiration to go around when searching for a theme for temporary spaces like exhibits.

It doesn’t matter that hotels are living spaces while exhibits are not, Lorenc said. What is common is the need to engender comfort, interest and attraction – all aspects unique to the American hotel.

In March, Lorenc spoke at North Carolina State University’s School of Design on alternative careers in architecture, graphic design and industrial design. He discussed how aspiring designers can invent their own career paths based on their individual interests and preferences, and that the field of design is naturally open to creative approaches and new synergies.

Lorenc spoke on his own career evolution, from his start in industrial design to his work today, designing spaces that communicate meaning. Along the way, Lorenc found that he could strengthen his work by adding new disciplines to his repertoire, such as architecture, lighting and wayfinding.

In early April, Lorenc joined a group of Atlanta-based designers, the Creative Mastermind Group. Comprised of key members of the local creative community, the Mastermind group seeks to help designers understand how the current economy is affecting the field and identify the best ways to address their conditions. Lorenc said the best path to surviving this, and any, economic downturn is to stay in constant communication with present clients and contacts who know what you do and trust you. It is these groups and individuals who will eventually be resources for future opportunities as the economy recovers.

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