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Lorenc+Yoo Design provides a wide range of experiential design services, from wayfinding signage programs to permanent corporate museum exhibitions. The firm’s versatility is possible because of its diverse employee and consultant talent, including architects, graphic designers, landscape architects, industrial designers, interior designers, artists, and branding and marketing specialists.

Lorenc+Yoo Design is active in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, North America, and Europe.

Exhibit design is the heart of Lorenc+Yoo’s business. It allows the firm’s many disciplines to merge into a unified environment that tells a client’s story to customers, partners, and employees. Whether a temporary trade show exhibit meant to stand for a week or a permanent museum exhibit, Lorenc+Yoo Design transforms a space into a platform to communicate brand, history, and value. The firm’s exhibits have launched brands like Sony-Ericsson, and provided rest and comfort for customers of UPS at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The firm’s design for the Mayo Clinic’s headquarters museum tells the story of a medical institution so well that its elements have been replicated at Mayo’s other locations in the United States. Lorenc+Yoo’s designs for Mayo communicate its high-quality services, organizes its history, and fits perfectly with its architecture and marketing.

Sculpture is an important art form that can not only be pleasing to the eye, but also communicate an important message. Lorenc+Yoo uses sculpture to display information boldly. The design for Samsung’s “Rising Hand” advertises the technology firm’s mobile phone business to international business travelers in Frankfurt, Kiev, and Toronto. Lorenc+Yoo’s lobby directory piece for Hines at Perimeter Summit 3003 in Atlanta is a 24-foot-tall piece of art made of illuminated stacked glass.

Lorenc+Yoo Design is currently creating public art for various mixed-use urban redevelopments throughout China. This includes commemorative garden sculpture and thematic plaza pieces.

We have innovated the concept of “architectural jewelry.” Lorenc+Yoo Design works with architects and landscape architects to create elements that engage a building, such as lanterns, fountains, and garden pavilions that engage visitors.

Our firm also offers superior wayfinding and signage services, produced through intense study of traffic patterns, spaces, and attention to designs. We have developed wayfinding programs for complex hotel and convention centers such as Gaylord resorts in Washington, D.C., Dallas, Orlando, and Nashville. Another large wayfinding project is the 12,000-room Anjun Hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.The signage program for Florida Hospital’s Health Village in Orlando guides individuals where they need to be at particularly vital moments.

Our clients — owners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers — entrust us to contribute early in projects to provide the highest value.

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