Client: Mayo Foundation
Location: Rochester, MN
Type: Signage

To recognize benefactors who have given $10 million or more, the design team created 30 unique backlit displays, which are placed throughout Mayo’s campus, including in the buildings that house research and care centers named after the benefactors themselves. For each display, a stainless steel frame surrounds a glass plate that bears a black and white image of the donors and a short description of their gifts. A golden emblem of the Mayo Clinic sits beneath the description and a blue-tinted light elegantly illuminates the display. Marked by a threshold of brown marble, LYD designed the exhibit “Our Family of Benefactors,” which contains a donor recognition wall, shaded in rich blacks and browns, and a series of benefactor identification kiosks where visitors can electronically browse lists of donors. The kiosks are contained within plate glass booths placed throughout the space and accompanied by small stainless framed stools with wooden seats.

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