With first quarter retail sales dropping more than expected, shopping centers are looking for ways to stay relevant in this ever-challenging economy. A design facelift can be a refreshing and strategic way to remain competitive against newer centers and drive traffic.

Lorenc+Yoo specializes in experiential design and creating unique and functional signage for malls in need of a stylistic kick. These three recent examples of malls owned by Simon Properties illustrate how Lorenc+Yoo’s designs can refresh a mall with signage that is modern, functional and visually appealing.

Described as Pierce County’s premier shopping center, Tacoma Mall (Tacoma, Wash.) houses a number of high-end retailers whose clientele expects the best of everything – including signage. Such is the tone of Lorenc+Yoo’s system, which includes a new gateway from the parking lot to the promenade. Pale greens provide a calming feel, and the signs’ aluminum fabrication and internal lighting give them strength and visibility.

Washington is also home to another example of Lorenc+Yoo’s ability to rebrand older malls with a fresh look. Columbia Center in Kennewick makes extensive use of tempered glass, stone and metal in its new canopies and directories. Lorenc+Yoo adapted a classical typeface for mall identification, and incorporated the center’s logo into signage throughout the mall to drive continuous brand recognition.

Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Mo. has a clean look following its recent renovation. Lorenc+Yoo used classical typography combined with a bit of retro flair to attract a new generation of shoppers. The signage system guides shoppers inside while clearly communicating the location of large anchor stores, such as Macy’s and Dillard’s.

With more than 30 years of experience in mall rebranding, Lorenc+Yoo has reinvigorated established shopping malls, and not only made the shopping experience easier, but also easier on the eye. For information on how Lorenc+Yoo can refresh your shopping center to drive new business, contact Jan Lorenc.